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We will professionally decant your our of date keg product and ethically dispose of the waste liquid. We will provide any requested documentation for keg counts, sizes and liquid volume. Additionally, we can arrange for transportation to and from our facility if you would like.   

We look forward to hearing from you. You may reach us through our RFQ page or directly at


A convenient solution for the destruction and disposal of non-salable beverage products.

Are you a manufacturer, or distributor, in need of depackaging and disposal of your non-salable beverage products? Here at Midwest Product Destruction and Recycling Services, provides an easy-to-use system, which allows our customers to dispose of their unsalable beverage products through our responsible and environmentally safe material recovery process. We handle everything from logistics to the destruction and recycling of your products, as well as the paperwork involved with product traceability/custody.

Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, we proudly serve the entire midwest in the disposal of non-salable beverage products. We do this right here at our material recovery facility. We never ship your products to any outside material recovery facilities. MWPDR certifies the responsible and safe disposal of your products. 

MWPDR  understands the liability and risk involved with chain-of-custody and the proper disposal of non-salable products. This means we handle our clients' business with the highest of standards and care. We serve to protect our clients' name and brand. That's why Customers are provided with the ability to view live (and recorded) footage of their individual product destruction cycle.

After completing a quote for request and accepting the terms of agreement you will be presented with a customer account to keep track of all paperwork involved in the process as well as a password to view your live product destruction cycle.

Please, visit "Our Services" for more information on the material types and products we depackage. If you would like information pertaining to pricing and/or logistics, complete a quote for request or visit our FAQs.