1) Are my containers I send for destruction able to be re-redeemed for the .05 deposit?

No. All containers are ran through a bottle and can crusher at the time of destruction. Glass is crushed. The plastic bottles and aluminum cans are shredded and baled. All commodities are recycled by our end user.

2) How is the liquid disposed of?

All liquid is stored in our 1000 gallon holding tanks for disposal. The liquid is pumped out of the tanks and taken to a local digester or ethanol plant depending on the liquid.

3) How does the MWPDR team determine the pricing?

Our pricing is built off the information you, provide us through the “quote for request” on our website. The information is put into our pricing formula based on destruction costs. From there we determine what price to charge and whether to charge by case, pallet or individual container. We work with each customer to determine how best to price depending on their product destruction needs.

4) How do I go about obtaining a quote for my product destruction needs?

In the navigation menu of our home page you will see a button that says “Quote For Request." Click on that button. The first form you will fill out is your customer information form. Please complete that form in its entirety and click submit. The next form is the product information form. Fill this form out in its entirety as well. The information on this form is used to generate a quote for the material you need destroyed. When finished click submit. These forms will be emailed directly to our Product Destruction Manager, to generate your quote.

5) How long after I submit my quote request can I expect to see a quote back from you?

We will have a quote back to you within 24-48 hours.

6) If I use your services how do I pay?

At the time of request you can chose to be billed electronically or have an invoice sent to you in the mail after all the product is destroyed.

7) How long after my product is destroyed will I expect an invoice from you?

You should see an invoice within 30 days after the product is destroyed.

8) Am I able to witness my product being destroyed?

Yes. We provide our customers with the ability to view your product being destroyed through a live stream via your customer account. Instructions will be sent to you on how to log in to our cameras along with customer account information. Dates and times will be given to you as to when your product will be destroyed so you can watch it through the destruction process.

9) What do you do with my product once it enters your building?

When we receive your product we bring it into our building and count it. We have a secure area (that we keep locked) for the storage of your product until it is time to destroy it.

10) Do I receive any documentation stating that my product has been destroyed?

Yes. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction along with your invoice once the product has been destroyed. We will add these documents to your files within your customer accounts.

11) Can I bring the product to you or do you pick it up from my location?

You are more than welcome to bring the product to us. Depending on your need, we can arrange to pick it up from you as well. In the event that we provide transportation, transportation costs will be incorporated into the quote/proposal we send to you after the completion of the "Quote For Request."